Fairs, Festivals & Sporting Events

The majority of waste generated by food consumers at public events is not actually food. However, there is great potential for a significant volume of compostable materials to be collected, including biodegradable products (cups, plates and utensils) and, of course, food scraps.

Source separation of recyclables (glass, plastic, cans), organics (food, paper products), and garbage at large public events can be difficult unless organizers provide clear signage and strategically placed collection bins to minimize cross-contamination. Always provide a garbage bin beside every food scrap and recycle bin. The use of biodegradable products also may reduce the need to source separate materials as long as the compost facility will accept them.

Food preparation trimmings—or pre-consumer food— from vendors should also be collected. Inform food vendors early about your plans to collect food scraps. You may want to require their cooperation through contractual language to source separate food scraps for composting collection.