Non-Organics Recycling

Repot Drop-Off Rates
Our new downtown depot for recycling is a more convenient spot for the drop off a range of hard-to-recycle items. And a handy pick-up spot for reSOIL, our premium composted soil. Drop in and say hello.
Soft Plastics $6/bag-residential (bagged – 35”x50” equivalent) $6/bag-commercial
Styrofoam $6/bag-residential (bagged – 35”x50” equivalent) $6/bag-commercial
Foil-Lined Packaging $7.50/bag (bagged – 35”x50” equivalent) $2/grocery bag
Combinations of any of the above $20/4 bags-commercial
E-Waste/Small Appliances/Toys $2.50/item
Bicycle Tires $1/tire (includes one tube per tire)
Mixed Rigid Containers $0/bag-residential(bagged – 35”x50” equivalent) $6/bag-commercial
Confidential document shredding $1.00/lb
Oversize Hard Plastics $4/item
Baby Car Seats $10/item
Scrap Metal FREE
Household Batteries FREE
Fluorescent Tubes FREE (All bulbs, Fixtures and Non-PCB Ballasts)
Wood Pallets $5/ea.
Used Cooking Oil $5/16L Container