Conferences & Workshops

Catered and buffet-style events offer greater opportunity to control the flow of food scraps since only one food service provider is involved. Therefore, your choice of caterer is critical to the success of your food diversion efforts. Ask potential caterers if they can provide reusable dishware or biodegradable products, and inquire about their willingness to separate pre- and post-consumer food scraps (if tables are bussed). Reusable dishware will considerably reduce the number of scrap bins needed and will provide the end food processor with a much higher proportion of actual food scraps.

If tables are bussed by food servers, set up a small food collection bin at a convenient location along the bussing table and instruct staff about what organic materials are acceptable.

If diners are responsible for their own plate scrapings, ensure that bin signage is clear and visible. Collection of compostable materials may have more success and less contamination if patrons can throw biodegradable products into bins instead of separating food from nonbiodegradable products, such as foam or plastic plates, cups, and utensils. Contamination problems can occur even if separate garbage and food bins are placed next to each other with good signage