Apartments & Condos

You don’t have to live in a single family home to take advantage our to-your-door pick-up. Since 2002, we’ve been recycling kitchen and yard waste from multi-residential apartments, condos, stratas and co-ops. And composting your food scraps or yard waste could not be easier.

We provide our green 120L, 240L or 360L Schaefer™ wheeled totes, which we exchange with freshly-cleaned totes every pickup. Pickup can be on any frequency that you choose: daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Some clients just choose to notify us when they need a pickup. We can to be very flexible.

Multi-Unit Buildings can purchase ‘Kitchen Catchers’ from us at minimal cost. These ‘in-suite’ containers can be used with Biobag™ compostable bags, or without. We can sell you Biobags™ at wholesale prices for resale to residents, or direct your residents to retail stores in Victoria carrying the four sizes of Biobags™, including Lifestyle Markets on Douglas and all Thrifty Foods.