About Us

Since 2002,we’ve been leading the way to zero waste by providing the first full-service organics recycling in Victoria (and now the Cowichan Valley too) with collection from businesses including hotels, restaurants, grocers and institutions. But we’re not simply trying to keep waste out of the landfill and save people money, we’re committed to preserving resources while creating local, sustainable jobs. After all, we’re a community-based local small business. From the beginning, we’ve targeted only high-quality, contaminant-free organic waste. So naturally we’re proud of our partnership with the BC Restaurant and Food services Association, who are helping to educate their members on ways to lessen environmental impacts, along with waste disposal costs. We’re closing the loop with many progressive chefs of the Island Chef Collaborative (ICC), assisting their efforts to feed Vancouver Island with organic, seasonal, local-farmed foods. We’re also a founding ‘Charter’ member of the Values Based Business Network, and a member of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. And like the fine establishments we work with, we take great pride in our service. Our uniformed drivers provide only clean, power-washed totes. All loads are delivered to our transfer facility, sorted and graded. Then all sorted organics go to facilities that are compliant with CRD, CVRD and Ministry of Environment regulations. In short, we see ourselves as a service company chasing commodities. We find homes for most waste products, and it’s not the Landfill. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can get you in the loop, please don’t hesitate to call 250.883.6467. Or toll-free in BC, at 1.866.reFUSE.


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